About Company

We are team of young professionals whose only motive is to prevent water wastage in vehicle wash industry through our unique product & services which will revolutionize residential & commercial vehicle wash ecosystem. We have originated this idea from demand for vehicle wash services while water shortages caused municipalities to restrict water usage for domestic and commercial vehicle wash purposes.

Easy Zariya is an online/offline platform which provides waterless vehicle wash & premium level vehicle detailing service to residential cars, commercial buses and authorized service centers at most economical rates. We have developed elite mobile water less car wash service at customer’s convenience & place at one tap of their mobile phone through our mobile app.

We use unique wax solution which extract grime & dust which is then, removed using a special microfiber towel designed to eliminate scratches while wiping. 


In a short span of 1 year, we have already given service to 8000+ vehicles in 4 cities across 3 states & saves around  8 million liters of water & aiming to save 2 million liters of water  per month in next 1 year across 20 cities. We have already partnered with authorized service centers of Mahindra, Ford, Renault, Volkswagen.

As an organization, we measure our success & growth on LITERS OF WATER we saved through our service. We believe that numbers of liters of water we save is directly proportional to growth of our company.

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